KeepTruckin Asset Gateway Review

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Founded in 2013, KeepTruckin provides fleet management solutions and services like ELD, dash cams, fleet safety & coaching, dispatch & workflow, etc. Asset Gateway was launched by KeepTruckin along with its dual-facing dash cam. It automatically pulls location reports on all trailers and other assets to give managers a view of where the equipment is at all times.

KeepTruckin Asset Gateway Cost

The pricing for the device is not transparent. The website does not list the pricing for products clearly. To get an access to pricing of any product from KeepTruckin, one has to fill an inquiry form on its website. The sales representative then contacts the potential buyer to discuss the same.

The KeepTruckin Asset Gateway costs $300 upfront and $15 monthly and at $180 annually.

To use the KeepTruckin Asset Gateway, one can opt for plans starting from $20 per month. The cost of these plans is highly dependable of the service or add-ons chosen for the fleet. The dash cams can be easily added to any chosen plan.

KeepTruckin offers a ‘Pro’ plan that features an extensive plan that clubs the fleet management solutions provided by KeepTruckin like automated IFTA reporting, idle-time tracking, vehicle diagnostics, driver scorecards, etc.

Score: C-


KeepTruckin Asset Gateway Design

The Asset Gateway by KeepTruckin is ideal for monitoring mobile assets like intermodal containers, low-cost trailers, dumpsters, construction equipment, light towers, etc. The device has a ruggedized design that is made to withstand the rigors of trucking stresses and outdoor use. The Asset Gateway is water resistant, impact resilient, and is tested according to truck-specific vibration and temperature profiles.

Score: C


Battery and Power

Apart from drawing power source from the 7-way connection, the KeepTruckin Asset Gateway also features a solar-paneled battery that logs GPS data every minute and sends the data to the KeepTruckin Dashboard every five minutes.

Score: B



The Asset Gateway supports 4G LTE cellular connectivity that falls back to 3G where LTE coverage is unavailable. The device uses cellular connection to upload trailer location captured by the KeepTruckin Asset Gateway along with other statistics directly to the KeepTruckin servers.

Score: C


Streamlining Operations and Vehicle Gateway

The Asset Gateway streamlines operations by integrating solutions by KeepTruckin. Usually, companies that offer fleet management solutions require installing their Vehicle Gateway to use other solutions like ELDs or Asset Tracker. The KeepTruckin Asset Gateway can work with the Vehicle Gateway or even independently from the Vehicle Gateway.

The solutions provided by KeepTruckin are designed to work alongside each other through the KeepTruckin platform. The dashboard and Asset Gateway are designed to work on their own – which is an added advantage and eliminates additional costs.

Score: B+


KeepTruckin Dashboard

Dashboard KeepTruckin Asset Gateway

The Asset Gateway captures data every minute. This data is uploaded and stored to the KeepTruckin’s web-based dashboard using cellular connectivity every five minutes when the device is using battery power, and every 30 seconds when using external power source. The KeepTruckin Vehicle Gateway collects and sends GPS and vehicle data to the dashboard even when the driver is not connected to Vehicle Gateway.

Dashboard helps in map-based location tracking of the assets; multiple assets can be viewed on the map simultaneously.

Score: B


Asset Inventory

One can log all the assets on the KeepTruckin cloud-based platform. This makes tracking easier for the fleet manager along with aiding them in chalking out the efficient ways to manage the fleet better.

Score: B


Detention Reports

Detention Reports

A fleet is as efficient as it is utilized. Having more trucks on the road keeps the fleet running. Insights regarding detention time reflects the time and location for which a vehicle was detained. As per the US Department of Transport, detention time can cost a driver/fleet up to $1,280 per year, per vehicle. The KeepTruckin Asset Gateway provides location-specific notifications for this purpose.

This information helps in optimum utilization of the trucks in a fleet and eliminate the detention costs. The detention reports can be found on the KeepTruckin dashboard. The reports can be downloaded and viewed in PDF and CSV file formats.

Score: B-


KeepTruckin GPS Tracking – Geofence

Geofence technology of the KeepTruckin GPS tracking device helps in determining virtual geographical boundaries. These boundaries are laid by relying on location information. Whenever a person or vehicle enters or leaves these boundaries, an alert is issued. On the web-based portal, one can set up custom boundaries.

Score: C


KeepTruckin Asset Gateway Customer Reviews

The KeepTruckin Asset Gateway has mixed reviews. While it has its share of positive reviews, the users have noticed the device missing to issue some alerts every now and then. According to customers that used this device for 6-12 months before switching to other options, the customer support is not as helpful or responsive when it comes to resolving user queries. Technical support is equally lagging. Some users also complained about being unable to pull reports from the portal.

Score: C-



  1. Energy-efficient with solar-powered batteries.
  2. Alternate power source ensures power back up.
  3. Flexible and secure communication.
  4. Logs data every 5 minutes or 30 seconds depending upon the source of power being used.
  5. Operates independent of the KeepTruckin Vehicle Gateway.



  1. Lack of transparency in pricing plans.
  2. Device misses some alerts.
  3. Unsatisfactory customer and technical support.
  4. Problems in syncing information.
  5. Glitches take time to be identified and resolved.


Overall KeepTruckin Asset Gateway Review

The KeepTruckin Asset Gateway is an average asset tracker system. It does the job, and is easy to use. However, there are many aspects that one has to consider before making a purchase. Especially with user complaints about information syncing and other glitches coupled with unsatisfactory customer and technical support that can really hamper fleet’s efficient tracking.

Overall Rating