ELD Mandate Asset Tracker Review

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ELD Mandate is a California-based company that specializes in providing highly reliable ELD, dash cams, and other smart fleet management solutions. It has launched a trailer tracker called the ELD Mandate Asset Tracker. We have tested the Asset Tracker rigorously under various conditions to help you choose an efficient tracker for your fleet.


The ELD Mandate Asset Tracker is priced at $129 and $12 monthly with no long-term contract and full warranty.

Score: B+


Sales Package

Sales package for the Asset Tracker includes the following:

  • 1 Asset Gateway
  • 1 power cable
  • 4 ring terminals
  • 4 bullet connectors
  • 1 zip tie

Score: B+


ELD Mandate Trailer Tracker Installation

ELD Mandate provides greater installation flexibility by providing two options. First option is very secure and recommended by ELD Mandate for trailer owners. The process involves drilling holes in the trailer body and attaching the ELD Mandate trailer tracker. Second option is feasible for when the trailer is being leased, this process does not involve any drilling. It uses magnets secured with zip ties.

Score: A



One of the biggest concerns when it comes to such devices is their power source. Devices that can only be used when plugged into an external power source are problematic, as the tracking stops in situation where the power is cut off for any reason. The ELD Mandate trailer tracker can be powered by plugging into the power box of the vehicle, or by using its battery. The battery in the trailer tracker has up to 1-3 years of battery life. It can be extended by recharging the battery.

Score: A


ELD Mandate Trailer Tracking Device Design

Design ELD Mandate Best Trailer GPS Tracker
Design ELD Mandate Trailer Tracking Device

The ELD Mandate trailer tracking device is a lightweight device weighing only 650 grams. It is a compact device at 6.5’ x 3’. It features a high capacity 10,000 mAh battery for reliable and multi-year deployment. It also consumes low power than any other tracker available in the market. The design and features makes the Asset Tracker an ideal solution for tracking all kinds of assets, namely, trailers, dry vans, reefers, etc. The tracker is rugged and designed to be highly dependable with minimum to no maintenance. It features military grade shock and vibration standards 202G & 810G. The device is also RoHS complaint.  Its operating temperature ranges from -20° Celsius to +70° Celsius. Its storage temperature ranges from -40° Celsius to 85° Celsius.

The device is IP-65 sealed. The IP-65 seal protects it from pressurized water jets and other such conditions.

Score: A


Over the Air Updates

The Asset Tracker offers over the air updates. The feature allows distributing new software updates and configuration settings to the device. These updates are automatically made using the data that is provided by ELD Mandate. So, it requires no work at all for the fleet manager.

Score: B+


3-Axis Accelerometer

The Asset Tracker has a 3-axis accelerometer. These are used in movement-based tracking and IoT. It detects orientation, shake, tap, double tap, fall, tilt, motion, positioning, shock or vibration. It provides highest amount of accuracy for efficient tracking.

Score: A



The Asset Tracker features a flexible communication mode. It supports communication via 4G, 2G, and LTE-M networks.

Score: A


ELD Mandate Portal

The ELD Mandate provides a portal to keep a track of the trailers in a fleet. It is a web-based user-friendly portal that is very easy to navigate through.

The portal facilitates in adding various assets in the fleet. It also gives individual status of each of these assets. Along with asset information, the portal also has a separate section for dash cam videos, dispatch, driver videos, expenses, alerts, vendors, etc. Assets can be tracked on the map with their status – All Good, Low Battery, and Out of Range. The assets can be filtered according to the tags, names, dates, and sorted on basis of their activities. The fleet manager can access the location and speed information of any particular asset by simply hovering the mouse on the asset.

Score: A


Incidents and Alerts

The tracker gives user the flexibility to customize the alerts they’d want to receive. Crucial information like an asset being out of range or no in contact for the last 24 hours, battery status, and speed limit can be accessed in the Incidents tab on the portal. The portal provides full reporting metrics and the ability to see exactly when and where an asset caused the alert. The portal also has a full history of the alerts set by the fleet manager.

Score: B+


ELD Mandate Biz Trailer GPS Tracker – Geofence

Geofence is a parameter set around a certain geographic location. This feature help in tracking the assets within the set virtual boundary. When moving high value and time sensitive freight, geofencing facilitates in ensuring the equipment doesn’t go stray or unnoticed. If the fleet manager notices the vehicle has exited the predetermined barrier, contact with the driver can be established to take the appropriate course of action. It is also useful to know whenever an asset is back to the lot, picking up load, or dropped off load.

ELD Mandate Biz’s portal for the trailer GPS tracker helps offers creating unlimited geofences. These can be of any shape (circle, rectangle, or infinite shapes) and size.

Alerts for geofence can be created on the Asset Tracker portal. Alerts can be received via email and text in real time. Fleets equipped with geofencing technology gives shippers more a secure experience and on-time deliveries.

Score: A


ELD Mandate Asset Tracker Customer Reviews

The ELD Mandate Asset Tracker has a largely positive reviews from verified customers. The aspect that resonates throughout these reviews are the long battery life, installation options, and ease of multiple asset tracking with the fairly easy to navigate and user-friendly portal.



  1. Ultra-low power consumption.
  2.  Lightweight
  3. High capacity battery that can be recharged to extend its life of 3 years.
  4. Suitable for all kinds of assets – trailers, dry vans, etc.
  5. Low to no maintenance.
  6. Can be used as a powered tracker or unpowered tracker.
  7. Flexibility of multiple installation options.
  8. Custom reports and alerts that can be received over email and texts.
  9. Over the air updates that are safe, secure, and quick.
  10. Geofencing that is highly customizable with shapes and size.
  11. Multi asset information that can be accessed in a single portal.
  12. Flexible communication modes – 4G, 2G, LTE-M.
  13. Superior GPS performance that provides accurate location information.
  14. Built-in 3 axis accelerometer.
  15. Easy trip sharing.
  16. US Military standard shock and vibration.



With the flexibility and features the Asset Tracker provides, there is no con that we came across.


Overall ELD Mandate Asset Tracker Review 

ELD Mandate’s Asset Tracker is a rugged and reliable asset tracker that comes with multiple installation options. The efficient tracking makes monitoring extremely convenient with customizable alerts. The portal is very user friendly and highly dependable with alerts for incidences, geofencing, and other relevant information. Not only does it help in tracking the asset, but it provides the ability to see multiple assets at the same time. Driver information, loads, and speed information along with alerts history is accessible on the portal. The tracker features a 3-axis accelerometer that provides a higher level of location accuracy. Given its excellent features, the ELD Mandate Asset Tracker is undoubtedly one of the best trailer GPS tracker available in the market.

The ELD Mandate Asset Tracker is an easy choice for fleets of any size and of any nature of ownership. For its dependability, accuracy, and flexibility the Asset Tracker is an ideal option for any fleet.

Overall Rating