Vyncs GPS Tracker Review

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The Vyncs GPS Tracker is a reliable vehicle tracker that can monitor and track the vehicle in real time. It provides location tracking, vehicle health reports and driver safety monitoring. Vyncs plugs into the OBD-II port of the vehicle, which means the GPS tracker, would not need battery charging. It also enhances mobility experience by connecting vehicle sensor data with contextual data. 



Vyncs GPS Tracker Price & Subscription Model

The Vyncs GPS tracker device costs $ 89.99, which may be considered affordable, but the different tiers of subscription plans makes it costly (upgrade price is extra). The subscription package lets one choose whether to receive real time location every minute or 15 to 30 seconds, with 24/7 roadside assistance on limited subscription plans. To hide the tracker device, Vyncs also sells OBD II Cable that costs another $19.99. For a vehicle that does not have an OBD-II port, such as a bus or a heavy-duty truck, the company also sells a 12V power adaptor at $29.99.

  • Vyncs Basic + 4G costs $ 99.99/year.
  • Vyncs Premium + 4G costs $ 109.99/year.
  • Vyncs Pro + 4G costs $ 119.99/year.
  • Vyncs Fleet + 4G costs $ 119.99/year

Vyncs Basic + 4G is the standard subscription plan which allows real-time tracking with 60 seconds GPS sample rate. Vyncs Premium + 4G is very similar to the Basic plan, the only additional feature is that it also provides roadside assistance for the whole year (in USA, Canada and Puerto Rico only). The Vyncs Pro + 4G covers everything under the basic plan along with Live Map auto refresh, ignition on notification, and vehicle trip replay. Vyncs Pro + 4G has a 20 seconds GPS sample rate. After that, there is Vyncs Fleet + 4G. The Fleet + 4G is the fleet version that can support many vehicles, and has a GPS sample rate of 60 seconds. 

Vyncs has a 30-day free return policy.

Score: B





Vyncs GPS Tracker  

The Vyncs GPS tracker’s design is very similar to other OBD based GPS trackers. Rectangular in shape (dimension – 2.39 x 4.32 x 6.5 cm) and it weighs 63. 5 gms, with an OBD at one end that plugs into the vehicle’s OBD input. The Vyncs tracker also has a small cover, the SIM tray, for accessing the SIM card easily. 

Score: A




How to Install Vyncs

Firstly, a Vyncs account has to be created online or on the Vyncs App. After creating the account, pair the Vyncs GPS tracker to it and select a subscription tier.  Then, connect the tracker to the car’s OBD II port. The Vyncs Tracker does not need batteries.

Score: A




GPS & Geofence

Vyncs GPS & Geofencing

The Vyncs GPS tracker collects, analyzes and transfers data every second while the vehicle is being driven, to the owner’s cloud account. It records every trip the vehicle has covered, including start and stop addresses. A Geofence can be set up in the Vyncs app to ensure the vehicle travels within a specified area only. Vyncs offers a powerful, any-shape geofence. Even if the vehicle is turned off, Vyncs sends an hourly update of location. The GPS sampling and updates depend on the version of Vyncs tracker and the subscription plan.

The Vyncs GPS tracker uses 4G + cellular connection for tracking the vehicle. The tracker serves well even in remote areas and works everywhere with the help of the international SIM card installed inside the Vyncs tracker.

  • Real-time tracking
  • Trip history
  • Live map
  • Geofence zones
  • Trip table, street address, ignition on/off points
  • Trip replay
  • Hourly updates

Score: B




Location Sharing

Vyncs tracking service is equipped with secure location sharing. An individual can invite fellow Vyncs users into groups using custom codes. This feature ensures real time monitoring of the group members. 

Another feature in the app is ‘On Demand’ location share. This allows a location update request from a group member with just one click.

  • Indoor and outdoor tracking
  • On demand location updates
  • Group location sharing

Score: B+




Driver Safety

Vyncs features alerts on unsafe driving, rapid acceleration, harsh and sudden braking events, vehicle’s battery conditions, speed checks, and other safety checks notified to the owner/driver. Not only does the driver receive maintenance and other important reminders, Vyncs also provide fuel monitoring/tracking, which reports fuel levels helping the owner with important data like cost and consumption.

  • Monitoring driving with alerts
  • Speed check
  • Rapid acceleration and braking alerts
  • Ignition-on alert
  • Device tamper alert
  • Fuel tracking

Score: B+




Fuel Tracking/Reports

Vyncs helps with all kind of fuel reports, starting from the level of fuel left in the vehicle, recent rate of fuel use, to personalized fuel saving tips.  

  • Fuel level reports, fuel system monitoring codes, fuel costs reports , fuel saving tips, and emission report
Score: B

Road-side Assistance

Free 24/7 road side assistance is provided by Vyncs in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. It includes free towing services, lost key or lock out and fuel delivery services. However, this feature is limited to the kind of subscription plan selected.

Score: A-




Vyncs Fleet Management

This feature of the Vyncs GPS tracker allows many vehicles to be connected to a single account with some additional attributes. It samples GPS data every 60 seconds, allows scalable software, fuel tracking, and custom dispatch management. The Fleet 4G + also supports multiple managers and access control.

  • Supports multiple drivers for single vehicle
  • Multi-user accounts
  • Custom maintenance records
  • Fleet dashboards
  • Downloadable data in excel friendly format
Score: B

Vyncs App

Vyncs GPS Tracker - App

The Vyncs App is available on both Android and iOS. It has a 3.7-star rating on Google Play Store (based on 456 reviews) and 2.7 stars (126 reviews) on Apple Store. The app allows the driver/owner to track nearly every feature of the vehicle’s reports and change settings of Vyncs units even while driving.

The tracking section of the app keeps a constantly updated list of locations and color range indicating speed (cooler colors – slower driving, warmer colors – faster driving). Also, the built-in error code feature, informs detailed problems associated with engine of the vehicle when the “Check Engine” light turns on. 

Score: C





Vyncs Customer Service

Vyncs requests its customers to submit a ticket with their query either on the app or via the website for any technical help. Support is also available on call on 925-517-6990 from 10am – 3pm, Monday –  Friday. This service is not available on holidays. 




Customer Reviews

Customers have praised Vyncs GPS tracker’s good tracking ability, OBD port supported charging system, and all the different kinds of alerts (sudden acceleration, speeding, braking, fuel, etc) the tracker provides. However, many people have complained about hidden charges, limited road side assistance and poor customer care service and slow location updates.

Score: C




  • Engine alerts
  • Easy installation
  • Driver safety system
  • Fuel reports



  • Roadside assistance is not available outside US, Canada and Puerto Rico
  • Delayed location update
  • Costly
  • Hidden costs

Overall Vyncs GPS Tracker Review

The Vyncs GPS tracker has helpful features including the alerts systems, fuel reports, and easy OBD port installation. But, there are a few major drawbacks consisting of – lack of proper roadside attendance, delayed location updates and costly subscription plans, that requires attention.  

Overall Rating