Samsara AG24 Asset IoT Gateway Review

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Founded in 2015 by the co-founders of Meraki, Samsara is headquartered in San Francisco and has offices in San Jose, Atlanta, and London. Samsara trailer tracking offers fleet management solutions that includes ELD, vehicle telematics, driver safety, mobile workflow and compliance, industrial process controls, dash camera, and asset tracking. The AG24 is a part of Samsara’s AG Gateway series.


Samsara Pricing

Just like any other product from Samsara, pricing for the asset tracker is also not transparent. The website does not list the prices of the products. In order to find the price plans for any product, one has to contact the company’s sales team to decide the best pricing plan. The Samsara AG24 has a listed cost of $250 to $350. Two-way control options are available for refrigerated trailers for an additional fee. This price is only inclusive of hardware. The license required for the asset tracker’s operation has to be purchased separately. The annual fee of this license is $180. The license cannot be purchased on the Samsara website. A user will have to contact the Samsara’s sales representative for getting the license.

Score: C


Samsara AG24 Design

The asset tracker by Samsara is ideal for monitoring mobile assets like intermodal containers, low-cost trailers, dumpsters, construction equipment, light towers, generators, etc. The asset tracker has anti-theft screws that provide an added security against theft. It stands at 105 x 152 x 47.5 mm (4.1 x 6.0 x 1.9 inches) and weighs 510 grams. The operating temperature of the tracker ranges from -40°Celsius to 80°Celsius.  The material of the Gateway is made of UV-stabilized polycarbonate and the mounting plate is powder-coated and corrosion resistant stainless steel.  The trailer tracker also has an IP rating of 67, meaning it is weatherproof and also water resistant when submerged up to 1 meter. The tracker is designed to withstand various conditions, is rugged, and has a secure enclosure.

Score: B


Samsara AG24 Installation

Samsara AG24 can be easily installed onto a trailer. Once the mounting plate is in place, the trailer tracker can be securely attached to it using flat-end screws. The Samsara AG24 uses a 7-way cable to draw power on a dry trailer. To secure the cable connection, zip ties are also available. It is also advisable to activate the AG24 gateway on the dashboard before physically installing the trailer tracker. Since the AG24 can also run on solar power, a location with sun exposure can be beneficial.

Score: C+

Battery and Power

The Samsara AG24 asset tracker can be powered using external source, intermittent external power, or self-powered applications: using the internal lithium-ion battery or built-in solar panel. It has an internal 12.5 Ah lithium-ion batteries. Battery life is highly dependable on various factors like weather conditions, cellular signal strength, and accessory sensor utilization. The battery can sustain anywhere from 2 months (12 check-ins in a day, with accessory sensors) to 5 years (2 check-ins in a day, no accessory sensors).

It is recommended by the company to consult with a safety professional before using the asset tracker as it uses lithium-ion batteries.

The built-in solar panel helps in maintaining the battery charge indefinitely with up to 12 check-ins per day under certain conditions – vertical or upward-facing mount, outdoors, North America south of 57º latitude.

Score: B


Samsara Trailer Tracking Communication

The Samsara trailer tracking AG24 asset tracker has a 4G LTE cellular connectivity that falls back to 3G where LTE coverage is unavailable.

Score: C


Samsara GPS

The Samsara asset tracker provides real-time GPS location and sensor data along with live updates. Its   positioning systems simultaneously read from several independent satellite systems. These include the GPS and GLONASS global navigation satellite systems.

The asset tracker features an internal antenna that aids in discreet installation. Samsara also provides an external antenna (optional) for non-standard mounting configurations.

Score: C+


Reefer Control

The Samsara AG24, when installed in refrigerated trailers, supports two-way control. This means that the customers can set reefer temperature remotely thereby preventing temperature-related product loss. Moreover, it also enables pre-cooling of reefers and optimize driver efficiency.

Score: C


Streamlining Operations

The Samsara AG24 streamlines operations and provides protection against theft by integrating with Samsara’s wireless sensors. The door and cargo sensors help in getting insight into dock operations and help in reducing dwell time. It also alerts the fleet manager and users of any unauthorized activity.

Score: C


Cloud Software


Samsara trailer tracker has built-in memory that logs in data when internet connection is not available.

Its cloud-based software aids in map-based location tracking of the assets. It provides live location updates of the assets to a fleet manager. In addition to this, the alerts can also be received over text messages and email.

The cloud software also provides operational reports like – Utilization (of the asset), inventory, and time on site. Along with these, FSMA-compliant temperature reports can also be derived from the software. These reports help a fleet manager to efficiently manage the fleet.

Score: B



Samsara Fleet Management Asset Inventory

In the Samsara cloud software one can log all the assets on a single platform. Having the ability to log all assets on a single platform not only makes the job easier for the fleet manager, but also results in an efficient management of the fleet in longer run.

Score: B

Samsara Fleet

The Samsara Fleet mobile app helps fleet managers to track trailers with ease. The Samsara tracking system equips fleet managers with real-time locations, real-time alerts, diagnostics, and other crucial information. It also enables direct communication with drivers through calls and messaging. The app also provides the fleet managers with the option to share live ETAs with customers.  


Samsara Tracking Geofence

Geofencing helps in determining geographical boundaries relying on location information to set up triggers. An alert is issued when a person or device enters a marked area or boundary. On the cloud-based software, one can create Geofence. Samsara tracking offers flexibility in creating Geofence shapes by providing square and circle shapes (extendable), and also the ability to draw custom Geofence.

Score: B-


Samsara Trailer Tracking Customer Reviews

Even though there are quite a few positive reviews, one aspect that resonates in the verified customer reviews is the lack of transparency in pricing plans. The updates that are made often noticed to slow down the software.

Score: C



  1. Integrates with Samsara’s wireless accessories like Environmental, Door, and Cargo trackers.
  2. Optional accessories like EM21 Wireless Temperature & Humidity, ACC-DM11 Wireless Door Sensor, and Wireless ACC-cargo (Cargo tracker).
  3. Ease of charging – external source, intermittent external charging, and solar panel.
  4. Built-in solar panel.
  5. Real-time alerts via emails and text messages.
  6. The asset tracker is compatible with trailers of all types owing to standard 7-way port connections.
  7. Combines compliance solutions, asset tracking, and fleet management in a single platform.
  8. The batteries in AG24 can last up to years with solar power.
  9. Flexible and secure communication.



  1. Lack of transparency in pricing plans.
  2. Operation of the asset tracker requires separate purchase for License, Gateway, and data interface.
  3. Expensive with the additional costs.
  4. Solar charging is not reliable or convenient in cooler areas that receive less sunlight.
  5. Updates slow down the software.


Overall Samsara AG24 Trailer Tracking Review

Samara’s AG24 is a good fit for trailers of all types owing to its 7 way port connections. The AG24 also features an in-built solar panel that makes the battery last up to years. Nonetheless, there are a few drawbacks to this trailer tracking device. For the asset tracker to work seamlessly, it requires license and data interface to be purchased separately. Information on these are again, not clear on the website. The lack of transparency in its pricing plans is another issue. One has to contact the Samsara sales team to enquire about the availability and know more about the features of its product line.

Overall Rating