Linxup ATSolar Asset GPS Tracker Review

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Linxup is based in St. Louis, MO. It is a provider of tracking solutions for Fleet, Personal, Vehicle, Boats, Assets & Equipment, and ELD solutions since 2004. The ATSolar Asset GPS Tracker is an unpowered asset tracker by Linxup that features self-charging solar-powered batteries.


The ATSolar Asset GPS Tracker is priced at $199.99. However, Linxup offers significant discounts of $50-$100 on purchase. Pricing plan for device varies according to add-ons selected and other factors. Below is pricing plan (per device) for the ATSolar Asset GPS Tracker:

Equipment: Either $199.99 per Solar Tracker on No Contract or $139.99 per tracker on a 3-year contract.

Monthly: $14.99/month, per device.

The pricing is inclusive of data, portal, customer support, system updates, firmware, software, mobile app access, and everything required for operation. The prices mentioned are inclusive of shipping costs.

Linxup GPS tracker offers integration with existing software solutions for an additional cost of $7 per month. The device supports communication on 4G network and has a built-in cellular SIM card. The service is included in the monthly Linxup fee.

Linxup also offers 1-year warranty on the trackers.

Score: C



Linxup ATSolar Trailer Tracker Design

The ATSolar Asset Tracker is custom designed for non-powered asset tracking. It is ruggedized to last the rigors of trucking stresses. It has a rating of IP67 which makes it weather-proof. It can be deployed in marine or desert environments. It has an operating temperature of -22°F to +158°F (-30° Celsius to +70° Celsius). The device also has multiple input and output ports. The tracker stands at 7.6 x 4.9 x 1.4 inches and weighs 18 ounces.

Temperature monitoring is supported by the Linxup GPS tracker ATSolar. It is the only device from Linxup that supports this feature. The tracking is accurate to within 5 meters or 16 feet of the tracked vehicle.

Score: B-


Linxup GPS Tracker Installation

The ATSolar Linxup GPS Tracker is easy to install. The optional high-powered magnets or screws helps in easily attaching the device to the trailer. The wired trackers can be installed with a three-wire connection.

Score: C



The Linxup ATSolar does not supply deployment on Windows or iOS OS. It offers cloud-based dashboard for tracking along with apps that are supported over both iOS and Android platforms.

Score: B



As the name suggests, ATSolar Asset GPS Tracker is self-charging. It is an unpowered asset tracker. Device has a solar-powered battery. The batteries in the Linxup ATSolar Asset GPS Tracker has a really long battery life that lasts up to 10 years.

Score: C


ATSolar Linxup GPS Asset Tracker – Area of Operation

The information captured by the Linxup GPS asset tracker are limitless. The device captures the location data throughout the United States and some parts of Mexico and Canada. The device also works in US territories like Puerto Rico.

Score: C


Cold Chain Monitoring and Temperature Sensors

The Linxup Solar Tracker is one of the first tracking solutions for non-powered equipment such as trailers that provides reefer control. It provides custom-configured trigger alerts for a variety of events and thresholds and API integration for the existing data management systems. It helps in ensuring food and other product safety with shipment temperature monitoring. The device features multiple input and output ports that facilitates in using IoT sensors. The real-time cold chain management feature helps in significantly reduced replacement costs for spoiled goods. It provides customers with data-driven assurance of product safety.

Score: B


Linxup GPS Geofence

Geofence is a feature that allows a user to build a virtual ‘fence’ in a geographical area. Whenever a vehicle or person enters or leaves the set boundaries, an alert is issued. In such instances, the fleet manager will receive alert on the mobile app. The instance can also be tracked on the web-based dash board and can be seen in the alert summary.

Score: B+


Linxup GPS Tracker Alerts

Linxup ATSolar Trailer GPS Tracker Alerts

The data captured by the Linxup GPS tracker is turned into valuable insights that helps the fleet manager in improving fleet management. The alerts can be customized along with the recipient(s) for different vehicles and groups. Unique alert settings for different users can be chosen. The user can choose to get notifications in real-time or choose daily/hourly summaries. One can also choose to turn off these alerts completely. The alerts issued can be filtered by date range, alert time, group, vehicle, and driver information. The fleet manager has an option to set immediate notifications for time-sensitive alerts, like device tampering; or save less urgent information to review in a daily summary.

By default, fleet manager can get reports once every 3 hours when stationery and reports in every 10 minutes when in motion.

Along with tracking alerts, the device also provides alerts for incidences like tamper, rapid acceleration, or hard-braking. It uses algorithm derived from change in velocity to determine events like acceleration or deacceleration. For instance, an increase in velocity of greater than 8.5 mph/sec will trigger an acceleration alert. Similarly, reduction in velocity greater than 6.5 mph/sec will trigger a braking alert.

Score: B+

Mobile App Alerts

Following alerts can be received in real-time on the Linxup mobile app:

  1. Detailed alert information for individual drivers or groups of drivers.
  2. Daily, weekly, and monthly alert summaries.
  3. Category-based alert: speeding, harsh braking, or geofence alerts.

In addition to reducing email and text clutter, using mobile app facilitates in connecting to any other Linxup data easily from the notifications.

Score: B+


Linxup Dashboard

Linxup ATSolar dashboard Trailer Tracking Device

Linxup ATSolar Dashboard Trailer Tracking Device

The Linxup offers a web-based portal for tracking assets. Multiple assets can be logged on the portal. Multiple vehicles can be tracked simultaneously on the map. The breadcrumb trail helps the fleet manager to plan better route for trips to the same location.

Along with real-time tracking, the fleet manager can also get insight in to driver behavior. Fleet activity dashboard gives a birds-eye view of the fleet’s performance and helps in recognizing areas of improvement.

Score: B-


Linxup ATSolar GPS Asset Tracker Memory

The location tracking data captured by the device can be accessed on the web-based portal along with apps on android and iOS smartphones. The captured data is retained for 1 year.  Selective summary data, like dashboards and reports are retained for 3 years. Data up to 5 years old can be retrieved from cold storage (for a fee). Estimated fee varies and requires enquires to be made with the customer support.

Score: C



  1. Easy installation – a user can begin tracking within 30 minutes.
  2. Transparent pricing plans – no hidden costs.
  3. Suitable for assets of various size and for fleets with limited or expansive area of operation.
  4. Multiple input and output ports.
  5. Reefer control.
  6. Extended area of operation beyond United States.
  7. Solar-powered batteries with life up to 10 years.
  8. Companion apps for both iOS and Windows platforms.
  9. Data retention for 3 years.
  10. Still and idle time location.
  11. Data up to 5 years old can be retrieved for a fee.
  12. Variable alert intervals.
  13. Rugged design.



  1. No battery backup – if the solar-powered battery malfunctions, the lack of wired power source makes the device unusable.
  2. Pulling out of a contract has a high cancellation fee: $250 for one-year contract, and $350 for two-year contract.


Customer ATSolar Linxup GPS Vehicle Tracker Reviews 

The solar-powered tracker has its fair share of positive reviews. The negative review that is prominent in verified customer’s testimonies is the high termination fee charged if user decides to terminate the contract.


Overall ATSolar Linxup GPS Asset Tracker Review

The Linxup ATSolar Asset GPS Tracker is quite satisfactory with the features it provides. Solar-powered batteries are a step towards cleaner power source. However, absence of a wired power source for back up limits the reliability of this tracker. The pricing plan for the trackers are transparent. However, the contract termination fee is very high. In fact, it supersedes the total cost of the device. It is advisable for users to take this factor into account before committing to the subscription plan.

Overall Rating